Planetary Development Institute objectives include general (project-related), philosophical-ideological and research objectives.

General objectives:

  • Forming the basics of the philosophy and scientific theory of saving the biosphere and solving humanity's global problems, and its unification into a planetary unity to form biocompatible noospheric civilization;
  • Attracting the world’s prominent scholars, using scholarly achievements in various fields of knowledge and generating new knowledge and solutions in humanities natural, formal and technical sciences;
  • Developing specific scientific-practical ideas, models and methods of creating a new economy, which are founded on rational nature use, resource saving and resource substitution, as well as a just common goods distribution system based on planetary rent revenues;
  • Developing normative-legal, political-economic and organizational-administrative bases and mechanisms of institutional planetary governance infrastructure;
  • Setting Dubai’s World Expo 2020 humanitarian agenda encompassing economic, social, political-legal and cultural issues for special events, academic and social discussions and other forms of work;
  • Establishing a unique international interdisciplinary planetary research and development school in the Emirate of Dubai.

Philosophical-ideological objectives:

  • developing a theoretical-methodological basis of re-globalization (including global human integration);
  • modelling the categorical-conceptual and structural-functional bases of a noospheric civilization as a harmonious world design;
  • developing a system of biocompatible ethics and the basis of different kinds of spiritual activity;
  • creating a new mobilization ideology founded on the values that can unite humanity.

Research objectives:

  • taking stock and assessment of the current status of global problems;
  • review and systematization of sustainable development indicators;
  • development and justification of interdisciplinary planetary research methodology;
  • creation of a unified system of studying and designing planetary processes;
  • creation of a common planetary theory through a synthesis of noosphere theory, bio-centric ecology and sustainable development theory;
  • development of scientifically warranted facilitation of world development harmonization;
  • modelling and justification of optimizing and rationalizing the use of natural resources.