· In the theoretical sense, it is a scientific concept of the socio-economic development of contemporary society implying solving global problems, improving the health of the biosphere, and forming integral civilization bases;

· In the practical sense, it is a non-commercial research program with the prospect of transforming itself into an instrument of supra-political unification of humanity for resolving Earth’s global problems using planetary resources, and optimal schemes and efficient mechanisms for their implementation.

Genesis: the Planetary Project emerged as a result of systemic criticism, review and reconstruction of the Concept of Sustainable Development taking into account contemporary facts, processes and trends. It addresses modern challenges and an alternative civilisation scenario.

Planetary Project implementation methods:

  • Establishing a Planetary Development Institute in Dubai;
  • Research;
  • Research and Development;
  • Implementation studies;
  • Dissemination and public awareness campaigns;
  • Publishing activity;
  • Organising and conducting special academic and social events (summits, forums, conferences and seminars);
  • Involving elites, and later the wider public of all countries of the world, in the processes of popularisation, dissemination and support of Planetary Project ideas;
  • International crowdsourcing programs aimed at supporting and developing the Planetary Project. 

Planetary Project target groups:

  • national and international elites (business, political, scientific, social and cultural);
  • scientists, analysts and experts;
  • graduate and undergraduate students;
  • interested public (people with a pro-active attitude to life who care for current global issues).

The Project content is described in a popular scientific way in the monograph “Planetary Project: From Sustainable Development to Managed Harmony”. 


  • the Planetary Project addresses the challenges of the Sixth Techno-economic Paradigm due to the innovation character of its solutions, its cosmic scale, and the globalism of the complex problems it tackles ;
  • The Planetary Project proposes goals and objectives capable of uniting the whole of humanity based on the ideals of genuine humanism, higher justice, and global activity aimed at self-preservation, and the development of people as a species;
  • The Project’s comprehensive solutions promise a positive effect on the Earth’s biosphere;
  • The Project’s ideology meets the needs of local and transnational elites to harmonise global social-economic processes to insure market stability;
  • Planetary Project practical implementation will contribute to a qualitative improvement of the quality of life of current and future generations when everyone receives a chance of living a healthy, active and happy life in harmony with an ecologically friendly and comfortable environment.

Author: Aleksandr Bezgodov, Doctor of Economics, Ph.D. in Political Science (4).