Planetary Development Institute’s main philosophical principles are spelt out in its mission, role, goal, objectives and vision.

Mission: contributing to the implementation of Planetary Project ideas aimed at solving the world’s global problems with new economic techniques, saving the Earth’s biosphere for current and future generations, and stimulating global human integration and planetary civilization harmonious development based on social justice, biocompatible ethics, and global spiritual synthesis.

The Institute’s role is to involve students and young scholars in the Planetary Project. Working for this worthy enlightening and reforming cause will give them great professional and personal growth opportunities. They will participate in comprehensive planetary research, and in the development and dissemination of the ideas of global human integration and saving the biosphere. They will be prevented from joining extremist or terrorist organizations, illegal militant groups, or radical sects by being part of the Planetary Project and the Institute with its humanist values.

Goal: creating and developing the basis for an international interdisciplinary planetary research school in the Emirate of Dubai (the United Arab Emirates).


Strategic objectives:

  • Carrying out research work, public education, publishing and consultative activity on a regular basis;
  • Monitoring and assessing global problems and processes;
  • Organizing and holding scientific-practical and social enlightenment events (congresses, forums, conferences and seminars) featuring members of the international academic community, and business, political and cultural elites; and co-operating with authoritative international schools, academic organizations, research institutes, laboratories and foundations;
  • Creating, maintaining and developing a world platform for discussing a new post-globalist world free of superpower domination;
  • Creating a humanitarian dimension of the World Expo 2020 in line with its motto “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” and co-operating with the event’s organizers;
  • Promoting: the World Expo 2020; the Emirate of Dubai as the world’s new academic and spiritual centre; the United Arab Emirates as one of the world’s most progressive countries; and the nation’s ruling house of an enlightened monarchy turning Dubai into an alternative attraction point for scholars oriented at global human integration and consensus.

Vision: at a mature stage of its life cycle, the Institute will turn into a distributed network organization with elements of virtual, intellectual and educating activity.