Planetary Development Institute (PDI) carries out research, dissemination, consulting and publishing activity.

The Institute’s basic activity includes:

  • carrying out basic, field and applied research that is comprehensive and interdisciplinary in nature;
  • facilitating the implementation of practical projects and programmes based on comprehensive and interdisciplinary research;
  • participating in the expert assessment of programs and projects developed by various research organizations that are connected to the main goal of the Planetary Project;
  • forecasting the social, economic, political, cultural and environmental development of the world and its regions;
  • organizing and supporting virtual and real communities made up of scientists, politicians, and civil society activists from different countries, who would be interested to develop and implement Planetary Project ideas and innovations;
  • organizing and conducting virtual and real scientific and academic conferences, seminars, symposiums, forums to disseminate, discuss and promote research results and other measures;
  • organizing the development and support of information databases, electronic libraries, portals and websites in their field including providing planetary-scale access to such resources through modern telecommunications and information networks;
  • encouraging the wide dissemination of its own work results through its own publishing activity, and by publishing papers in journals and the media;
  • participating in regional and international projects and programmes connected with the main goal of the Planetary Project;
  • conducting other activity contributing to the main goal of the Planetary Project.

Discipline-specific directions of research, enlightenment, publishing and consultative activity:

  • Interdisciplinary planetary research;
  • Economics;
  • Globalism;
  • Futurology;
  • Sociology;
  • Social Philosophy;
  • Political Science and Geopolitics;
  • Management and Law;
  • Ecology and Natural Sciences;
  • Cultural Studies and History.

Institute activity results: in the form of research programs, projects and publishing, above all enlightenment and event management activity will be used to solve the world’s pressing economic, social, environmental, political-legal and cultural problems.