Research Programmes are the Institute’s divisions involved in research, design and publishing activity in key disciplinary (thematic) areas including economics, sociology, and social philosophy, political science and geopolitics, management and law, natural sciences and ecology, cultural studies and history, globalism and futurology.

The Institute’s research programmes are the basis of its main function to carry out research in the Planetary Project key research directions.

Research programmes involve both academic staff and MBA, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree students, based in the Emirate of Dubai majoring in the relevant disciplines. Participating in the programmes will allow:

  • MBA, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree students to complete their course research and qualification research papers, publish papers in scholarly journals, integrate into the scholarly community and get work experience in the research environment;
  • young scholars to start their scholarly and administrative career;
  • academic staff members based in the Emirate of Dubai to do research in project groups, publish their research findings, and gain prominence in the world academic community, as well as identify talented students and young researchers for further co-operation.

Six basic research programmes will cover the relevant research areas of the Institute:

  1. Economic Systems and Processes;
  2. Social Systems and Processes;
  3. Political-Legal Systems and Processes;
  4. Biospheric Systems and Processes;
  5. Cultural-Historical Systems and Processes;
  6. Globalism and Futurology.

Each basic programme includes specific projects relating both to basic and special research questions developed in the framework of the Planetary Project.