Paradigm shift to new global power and a NEW WORLD ORDER?


BREXIT, world economy, terrorism were some of the main issues discussed during the G-20 summit in China which finished on 5th September 2016. But a clear shift in world power center was visible during the meet.
New face of Asia


So far, 60 countries including the world's top two polluters - China and USA - have ratified the Agreement which was adopted by 195 countries in Paris last December. While China and USA had ratified it on September 3, as many as 31 countries had formally joined the Agreement through formal ratification or acceptance at a special event, hosted by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York, on September 21.
Heal the world


The relevance of the song "Heal the world" is so much actual today, as our hearts go out to all those people who are hit by terrorism, war, conflicts, violence created by hate speeches.

Today is the time for Managed Harmony. All technologies, all our progress will fail incase we are unable to create an atmosphere of harmony and make this "World a better place to live"

Primakov readings - Planetary Project Outlook


On November 30, Vladimir Putin attended the Primakov Readings International Forum, which were held to study the academic and political legacy of Yevgeny Primakov. The agenda included speeches by Russian and foreign politicians, academics and public figures who knew Mr Primakov.
Can we try to think of Managed harmony with the concept of "Mutual respect"?


Tolerance is a western concept; Mutual respect is the "Eastern" concept. Can we try to think of Managed harmony with the concept of "Mutual respect"? This is at such a time when the word "Tolerance" is losing its meaning in the western world. Migrants, guests, aliens and many other people from Eastern Europe are already a big irritation factor in the west. So what is better for the concept of managed harmony. Mutual respect or tolerance?