To Whom to Entrust Managing the Planet


It is an impossible task for any single state to try and save the Earth for future generations alone. Over the recent decades, the existing international associations have not been effective in this domain either. All too often their activity has caused criticism for discrediting objective integration processes, among other things. The United Nations Organization, to which 193 governments have delegated their representatives, clearly needs serious modernization. Independent experts, while noting 70 years of UN contribution to maintaining the world order on the planet, highlight serious shortcomings in the organization’s work.
G-20 & COP24 (Planetary Concerns)


Finally, the year 2018 is going to end. Last few months have been very eventful. Lots of Planetary Concerns which have been highlighted in our portal have been discussed in the G-20 summit and the COP24 in Poland recently in December this year. This year’s G-20 meeting was important because it preceded the COP24 climate change conference taking place in Katowice, Poland from 3 December, at which the “Work Program” or rule book of the 2015 Paris Agreement – when practically all countries signed up to a pledge to ensure global temperatures do not rise by more than 2 degrees before the end of this century – is expected to be agreed.
The Sixth Techno-economic Paradigm Is Coming and It Is not the Last One


Human reason is the main driver of contemporary civilization. The world owes it today’s progress. A lack of reason may lead the world to its death tomorrow. On the threshold of the sixth techno-economic paradigm, scientists forecast a great change in the human worldview. In the epoch of cybernetics, computer science and nanotechnologies, reason is the main driver of the future civilization. Only a collective, spiritually universal and rational reason can effectively manage the development of society. Otherwise, the danger of self-destruction and planetary catastrophe is too high...
The Main Resource of Our Planet


One of the innovative proposals of the Planetary Project is to consider people as an integral and essential part the Earth’s resources. Space, atmospheric space, water, land, subsoil, the biosphere and, of course, the human mind ensure that our civilization continues to develop. At the end of the twentieth century, intellectual potential from an auxiliary factor of production turned into a leading productive force. Currently, all spheres of life in modern society are governed by it.
The Globality of Anti-globalization


The world has learned from anti-globalists that it is global. Transnational business, joint financial resources, the planetary systems of information and communications, international scientific projects, and political unions without boundaries and cordons are the objective reality. They are the current level of the development of civilization. However, today, public opinion on these processes is formed by political technologies and the populists of protesting rather than independent scientists and experts. This has resulted in a mass trendy international social and political movement...
Globalizing the Planet


The ideas of globalization and the Planetary Project have a number of significant differences. The mutually beneficial cooperation of people from different countries, races, religions, and cultures does not mean that humanity is trying to build a unipolar world. Transition from the disunity of the interests of the elites to the unity of common needs does not have to do with globalization, but rather is the essence of universal integration for solving problems on a global scale. The world has long been global. Civilization has entered a historical phase of intercontinental development. First in trade, then in the financial sphere, production, distribution and consumption...
Does the World need Altruists?


Why should a person be virtuous? Planetary ethics, which combines moral principles with behavioral guidance for the current and future generations, holds answers to this question. Virtue is not only the absence of vices, but also the work that helps people overcome obstacles in the pursuit of happiness. Therefore, it is an integral part of highly moral human behavior. The external source of morality is the life of a person in the company of the person’s own kind. The internal source includes the person’s values and ideals that he or she has developed over life. But, again, various factors and circumstances have an impact on this process...
The Moral Philosophy of Russian Cosmism as a Forerunner of Planetary Ethics


Planetary ethics is a product of the Planetary Project, unique in its radical and categorical nature. Its forerunner and spiritual foundation is the legacy of Russian cosmism, which manifested an amazing consonance with the philosophy of the Planetary Project.
Main Issues of the Anthropocene through the Prism of Planetarity and Managed Evolution


Антропоценом называют эпоху наступления окончательного господства человека над природой, некоего звездного часа раскрытия сути человека как субъекта геологической истории. Учение об антропоцене весьма созвучно и близко философии космистов и, в особенности, В.И. Вернадского. Однако в рамках этой чрезвычайно модной сейчас темы сами толкователи антропоцена указывают на ряд серьезнейших угроз, которую несет и уже принесла эта эпоха, начавшаяся в середине прошлого века.
New initiatives in energy, water and agriculture sectors announced United Nations Climate Conference (COP23)


New commitments and initiatives in energy, water and agriculture sectors were announced on Friday, at the United Nations Climate Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, under the auspices of the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action to help implement the Paris Agreement. The Marrakech Partnership aims at catalyzing greater climate action by public and private stakeholders as the Paris Agreement, adopted in 2015, calls on countries to combat climate change by limiting the rise of global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius and strive not to exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius...