Paradigm shift to new global power and a NEW WORLD ORDER?

Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute


BREXIT, world economy , terrorism were some of the main issues discussed during the G-20 summit in China which finished on 5th September 2016. But a clear shift in world power center was visible during the meet.

It's said that one who has the gold, rules the world. China has them. New STR's are also with China. In short term, certainly they are clear winners. In long term prospect we need to see.

China new bond MSTR is pointing towards STR Becoming the next major reserve currency. Seems China is on the right direction which clearly is telling the world that there will be no more unipolar world. Internationalization of RMB ( Yuan) is already for three years now. Many countries like Argentina and other Latin American countries are keeping RMB as reserve currency.

On the other hand politically USA seemed to be losing main NATO allies like Turkey. UK PM Teresa May with the Russian President Putin could have had better talks. But both decided to make equal moves. Mr Putin even stated that Russia is ready to go the same distance as UK is ready to go. So a clear uneasiness in the "talk" was visible. And of late Mr Putin is famous for only Walking the "talk".

China gave center stage at many places to Russia. Body language was different. Just last summit G-20 had a different picture where Mr Putin was having breakfast alone and was joined by the Brazilian President.

Indian PM seemed to be settling scores with Pakistan and making unprecedented statement by telling the participants that there is only one country in Asia which is behind all terrorist activities and strongly requested China to look into the geo political situation keeping the terrorism in mind. No bad terrorist, no good terrorist was the message of PM Modi to the G-20 Summit.

Sometimes by seeing the statements and the body language of China, Russia, India, and the upcoming BRICS summit not far away in India (in October), one could see the big shift from the traditional power centers to the new upcoming BRICS. JAPAN also made some strong comments about pulling out from UK (corporate sectors) in wake of BREXIT.

So, is this really a shift or just a photo opportunity? Or a more mature move by USA and Europe to keep silent and just observe.

One thing was sure that China is coming up as a strong power, after the AIIB president officially telling the people to keep hands off the south china issue. China categorically said that it can sit with all the Asian partners and solve the issue & it was no ones' business, to interfere in the matter, who are far away from the given issue. Clearly pointing towards the western powers.

Economy may take some positive push after the speech of leaders from Asia and Europe. Economy, Terrorism have come out as the most important issue from the given G-20 summit. Besides, the paradigm shift from sustainable development to managed harmony.

Remember, only managed harmony will be the final answer to all the differences between various partners. This gives a great chance for the planetary project to implement its philosophy and ideas through such associations and platforms.

We look forward towards India now, for the upcoming BRICS summit.