World Green Economy Summit

October 2019

World Green Ecinomy Summit

The General Director Dr. Aleksandr Bezgodov and the Executive Director Abhishek Singh of the Planetary Development Institute (PDI, UAE) participated in the World Green Economy Summit (WGES-2019) held in Dubai.

Всемирный саммит по «зеленой экономке»
General Director of the PDI Dr. Aleksandr Bezgodov

Many prominent speakers spoke extensively on various issues like Green Economy, Climate change, New Green technologies, Green standards and various innovative solutions.

Всемирный саммит по «зеленой экономке»

Всемирный саммит по «зеленой экономке»

We hope that next year (2020) there will be a planery session specially dedicated to the issues of Planetary Rent raised and discussed by PDI.