A Century-Old Modern View

February 2019

A new book by Prof. Aleksandr Bezgodov and Dr Konstantin Barezhev has been published in English. In an accessible way, the leading scientists of the Planetary Development Institute laid out the main concepts of planetary ethics. According to the authors, this positive science could help humanity to solve many global problems of modern society. In the monograph, planetary ethics is presented as the moral basis of efforts to save the Earth’s dying ecosystem and the value code of the progressive development of our civilization. The findings are based on a comprehensive analysis of the views of Russian cosmists, who constituted a unique natural science branch of 19th-century Russian philosophy. A hundred years ago, they had such a breadth of views on the united WE-humanity that allowed them to clearly argue the inevitability of people's conscious desire to improve themselves and to fight against insanity, limitation and disharmony between people and the world around them. Russian cosmism is the spiritual rebellion of man and life that finds realization in man against death and chaos.

A Century-Old Modern View

The monograph "The Origins of Planetary Ethics in the Philosophy of Russian Cosmism" continues a series of scholarly papers prepared as part of the research programs of the Planetary Development Institute. The book is currently being translated into other languages. To purchase the publication please visit:

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