BREXIT-a reality! Be ready for a new Europe and a new World

Executive Director of the Planetary Development Institute


Whole night the referendum kept us all awake. By evening the Pound Sterling started falling when the people lined up to exchange the Pound Sterling into Euros.

As a result the Pound Sterling landed to a 31 year low.

But more worse was the early morning news. 52% nearly pointing to BREXIT.

What will follow ? Next! - FREXIT, GERXIT ??

Main causes for such an overwhelming majority, was the problem of unemployment and migration. Being a resident of UK for "n" number of years already, I have seen the problem from inside.

Its another thing that I do not add to their employment or migration problems as I do not live in UK.

But today’s referendum once again brings us all to the idea of global problem, which is announced several times in our project – THE PLANETARY PROJECT.

We will try to find solutions also to these problems if we try to follow some formula which we share with the world under this new pattern of uniform distribution of global rent.

The fall has just started and new changes will follow. We do not want to sound as a prophet or Nostradamus. But migration crisis and unemployment and security issues will make this fall inevitable.

But question arises, 

Why did people vote this way ? 

Answer is - Migration problem, and security issues are the first and foremost reasons.

Why has EU allowed so many number of uncontrolled migrants to come into their territory and put them on the vaccination of social help (public funds). I remember as a resident of UK, my migration status (although I am a highly skilled migrant) used to fall under NO SOURCE TO PUBLIC FUNDS.

So why such a lethargic approach to all types of migrants .Not all of them are refugees ? 

The Planetary project calls upon to all these developed countries to think over again and better provide much lesser resource to the same people in their home country so that they do not migrate and finally cause problems to security and the employment issues for these “developed “ countries.

Most of the EU countries starting from GREECE, ITALY , SPAIN are already reeling under huge problems of the credit pressure which they are under from the TROIKA . In coming days we will surely see a new face of Europe.

I also think that this is a good lesson for countries of erstwhile USSR, specially Ukraine, to not think of joining EU because just like Holland, no country will be accepting them. Its better to remain at home, with dignity and try to make a better future for one self and make a more stronger country.

The ideas of Planteray project in tackling global problems like migration , security and employment  will be very much practical in coming months.

Japan stock market has already opened with record low, so certainly these things will have a short term effect on global economics also, which is not a very welcome news under the current slow economical growth globally.