Vladimir Barinov


Vladimir Borisovich Barinov got his higher education at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Tadzhik State University (TSU) and completed the post graduate course there.

He has thirty years of experience in the sphere of foreign economic activity, trading and telecommunications, and 23 of them he had executive positions. He is specializing in creating commercial services from the point zero, forming straight-through business processes from sales to production.

At the moment he is a vice director of regional work in Social Systems Strategic Management Institute in SUAI (State University of Aerospace Instrumentation) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is also consulting in strategic development of economic activity objects, forecasting the economic development and starting the projects that are currently on the agenda of Russian economics.

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Earlier, we already wrote about the first step in the global balancing of the modern world economy, which is still in a state of recession after the 2008-2010 crisis; and a number of specialists believe that the next wave of a systemic crisis, which is more threatening...

Global Economic Balancing


We must admit that the economic model based on developing transnational markets has exhausted its potential. Macroeconomic postulates do not reflect the nature and dynamics of economic development. Commodity-money exchange effectiveness is declining. The multiplication coefficient has all but ceased to work. The funding developed countries dispense to poor countries to balance the global economic situation vanish in developing economies without providing any visible economic effect or resolving such problems as hunger, poverty, a lack of drinking water, pandemics etc. Therefore, the gap between the level of development of Golden Billion nations and that of the Third World is not finding closure.

Global management system reforming in conditions of a multipolar world


The very fact of global management is still controversial nowadays. Many people doubt its existence. But they should pay attention to one important moment, that sounded in the speech of a former president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki.