Chinese Switch of the End of the World

November 2018

Chinese switch of the end of the world

China officially announced the construction of the most powerful collider in the world. The length of the closed ring of the machine for modeling the processes of the “beginning of the Universe” will be almost 100 km and they want to construct it in 12 years. The construction stage will cost thirty-five billion Yuan ($ 5 billion). According to the director of the Institute of High Energy Physics at the Academy of Sciences of China, Wang Yifang, scientists from the United States, Europe and Japan have been working on the development of the project together with its specialists. “The total energy in the center of the mass system of incident particles can reach 240 gigaelectronvolt. It will be a world record,” Wang Yifang said.

While the highest scientific achievements in the field of acceleration of charged particles belong to the Large Hadron Collider. The most important tool of modern science was built ten years ago in Switzerland by the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN - from fr. Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire). Two weeks later, the experiments were postponed for a year and a half due to an accident, but in the future, the operation of the unique object went on schedule. The results have already been confirmed by many assumptions and hypotheses of physicists, but the main objectives of the LHC - to prove or disprove the theory of supersymmetry and several exotic ideas about the structure of the world - have not yet been achieved at a unique testing ground. True, the predictions of pessimists about the emergence in the course of experiments of micro "black holes" that capture the surrounding matter, or other “killers of life on Earth”, have not come true in the 10 years that the collider has been in operation. But the press and popular science literature continue to call colliders the “Devil's Trap” or the “End of the World Switch”.

By the way, the Chinese accelerator should be seven times more powerful than its Swiss predecessor in the first 10 years of its work.