Planetary Events

COP24 conference in Katowice


Basic facts about the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice 02 Dec 2018
Europe to Plant Trees in Africa


In Brussels, an official presentation of the joint financial document of the EU countries for 2021-2027 was held at the high-level conference “EU budget for the future - the road ahead”
How Is Life on Mars?


In a decade and a half, man will be able to land on Mars. In the 2030s, the infrastructure necessary for such an expedition will be created
G-20: A Planetary Approach


World Leaders Address Terrorism, Climate Change and Economic Crisis
In Full View


China has announced the most advanced navigation system in the world. Its nineteen satellites enable to quickly and accurately determine the location on the planet
The Light Ending of Electronics


British scientists launched the most powerful replica of the human brain on the planet and reported the imminent resignation of traditional computing technology. The computer world is on the verge of a photon reboot
No Docking Today


Harvard scientists are convinced that they have found signs of intelligent life of extraterrestrial origin. An interstellar object is crossing our solar system demonstrating unique velocities and trajectories. Who or what is operating it?
Chinese Switch of the End of the World


China officially announced the construction of the most powerful collider in the world. The length of the closed ring of the machine for modeling the processes of the “beginning of the Universe” will be almost 100 km and they want to construct it in 12 years
Increasing the degree


Several US research centers have published the results of the creation and testing of some new materials that will help solve complex engineering and design problems associated with temperature constraints relating to the operation of machines and mechanisms
Après Nous Le Déluge


Scientists at Wuhan University, one of the most prestigious universities in China, published an article in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications about the advent of the “era of endless rainfall and floods.”