Planetary Events

Shedding Light on the Black Hole


The theory of black holes has received hard evidence. The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration team presented a historic snapshot of the event horizon - the outer shell of the ‘light eater’.
Global Census


We are no less than seven billion seven hundred million people! This was reported in New York by the Deputy Secretary-General of the UN Amina Mohammed at a session of the Population Commission.
Higher, Deeper, Farther


Germany launched a plant for the production of biosteel fiber, an environmentally friendly material of spectacular strength. Great changes are coming for the aviation, shipbuilding and automobile industries.
Who Is the Smartest in the World?


The youngest genius of Great Britain is four years old. In IQ tests, the baby prodigy Alannah George from Buckinghamshire scored 140 points.
Einstein Is Relatively Right


The Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies will collide in four billion years. Scientists came to this conclusion after examining the Hubble’s latest images from the constellation Hercules.


A World scandal – genetically modified people live on our planet! This was stated by the Chinese biochemist He Jiankui. Violating the laws of his country, he personally repeatedly edited the human genome at the embryo stage.
The Sun Can Relax


China has officially registered a new world record in temperature. Plasma was heated to one hundred million degrees Celsius!
Gardens in the Barchans


China is ready to spend hundreds of billions to fight the deserts not only to stop the onslaught of the sands, but also to go to the counter attack.
Planet to Get Global and Fast Internet


A group of six satellites of a new communication system have been successfully launched into the Earth’s orbit from the Kourou Cosmodrome in French Guiana. This is the beginning of a project to create the satellite telecommunications system, OneWeb.
From the Earth to the Moon and Back: Mission Possible


Astronauts are returning to the Moon. NASA announced the creation of permanent expedition bases on the Earth’s satellite as early as 2028.